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X is for Love

by Baby Teardrops

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X IS FOR LOVE the debut full length album from BABY TEARDROPS is now exclusive on vinyl to GOLDEN SOUND RECORDS in Kansas City, MO. There you can now purchase the album on VINYL. Please visit and check out more about Baby Teardrops as well as all of the other great bands on the roster.


released April 7, 2011




all rights reserved


Baby Teardrops Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: ME Where
ME Where, ME Where you go you aim to sleep an itch away. A startled sun, see through your memories. I will try to keep you in mind daily. ME Where you go luck will follow you for many years. A startled sun, see through your memories. I am coming out into the world for real. ME Where you go... Any of the magic that I have, we can laugh on through disturbing facts. We won’t be outdone in life! There’s a vision for many of us alive! ME Where you go...
Track Name: Smooth Sailing Ahead
"As of this moment, there is smooth sailing ahead.
only fluffy white clouds in an otherwise sky
blue to the crystal core.
And what's more, the telephone is ringing all the time,
all kind of faces around
a list that is stretching for miles
all people worth making the time for.
As of this moment, smooth sailing ahead.
And gone, is the moment of endless dread
and the fear of winding up dead
because dead's not a bad place to be.
Like lightning, stikes fast and hits hard to the bone
when you see that you are not alone
you get millions of souls all flying together through millions of worlds.
As of this moment, smooth sailing ahead.
Luck and decisions' got plans for me, I turn loose of my muscles and skeleton, close my eyes and get carried away...
As of this moment, smooth sailing ahead."
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Go Home (I Wanna Go Home)
Listen, quit your whining, it is turning me off. You're like a rubber sock, on a wet foot to boot! Unbelievably now the people like it somehow. When the tears get flowing we can really make the money. I don't wanna go home, I wanna go home. If you're looking for answers then pick up the phone, dial 80-97-24 SHIT! (I broke the phone) We can lay around forever counting seashells in the sand or KEEP RACKING UP THE BODY COUNT, WATCH IT GO!!! I don't wanna go home, I wanna go home. Can't you see the stars in the sky? Can't you see it? Really? It is good! Can't you see the message for a girl and boy? Well no? That's fine. Maybe I'm just all mixed up.
Track Name: Flag of Inner Revolution
Fly the flag of inner revolution. Stand the test of time upon your constitution, hanging out in the air with all the air pollution, fly the flag of inner revolution. The flag of inner revolution: you're naked underneath your flag of inner revolution. Touch, whomever's body that your standing by, don't even for a minute think to wonder why. Be the kind of body that may bumble crash and burn, though you fly the flag of inner revolution. The flag of inner revolution, you're naked underneath.
Track Name: Lucky 7
Thank oh my gosh for, lucky 7, 7, 7. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Crawled right up out of the big blue black and had a nice surprise, waiting for my eyes. 7,7,7. I’m taking a break from HEAVEN. I won’t stand for your funny business no more. Oh thank GAWSH, lucky man! It’s...SEVEN!
Track Name: Still Singing The Same Songs
And here we, still singing the same songs, here we are. What do you know? Where did the time go? Why do you smile? Do times really change at all? What do you know? What have we learned if anything? We're still singing the same songs.
Track Name: Banged In The Heart
Banged in the heart for a curious time. A time of healing, and the long remorse?SING!: It takes a very delicate touch. Banged in the Heart.
Track Name: Let It Roll
When the morning comes, will you change your ideas? Maybe you will have to go throw up. As long as the knifey, beetle soldier isn't marching down the hall outside your door, you should be ok. Serious so serious, right up to delirious, adore what is mysterious, and when the morning comes why don't you simply let it roll? When the morning comes, walk right out that invisible bridge, over the street, and swiftly, with authority, superman?s got nothing on your body, which is piping hot. Serious so serious? Not every crack on the wall is something you can patch and paint over, paste picture onto, that radiates with jumping joy, enough to get you motivated, to keep kicking ass. Serious so serious, right up to delirious, adore what is mysterious, and when the morning comes why don't you simply let it roll???
Track Name: Fight While You Are On The Run
All past days that came up short, I can’t describe them. Stand in the wind for a while, the vernal equinox is here. Our voices carry in that wind for all the world. You are on the run, I know no other language, no other tongue. Fight while you are on the run, right while you are on the run. For the sake of life the wind is in my brain. See that it is soothing, it’s good to breathe in Spring air. All things are changing and becoming new. Fight while you are on the run. Who knows what is one thousand dollars anyway? It only matters on inside the stockade...
Track Name: Think It, Look It, Act It, Become It
Our real friends (are those that ) speak strident, stare real hard, break hearts and say: There's no limit for you! Carry yourself, Messianic, style wars rage on. Think IT Look IT Act IT Become IT. And just what if, we wail on, making our case for strangers in the night? I seek to possess verily, the composure of a fine tempered woman. And every minute of our lives we strategize, with gold and deepest red on the horizon. Carry yourself, Messianic, style wars rage on. Think IT, Look IT, Act IT, become IT. With every silv'ry touch, don?t you wanna be a mannequin, draped in finest silks and gold? We're all tied down to the human heart, until we explode, break, excel and move beyond. Carry yourself, Messianic. Style wars rage on. Think IT, Look IT, Act IT Become IT.